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For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Monitors.
— 343 guilty spark warning Johnson about his lazer.
— Johnson responding to the quote above.
— 343 guilty spark about to fire his lazar.
— Master cheif telling Johnson hes gonna die.
Cquote1OHH NOES !!!Cquote2
— Johnson realizing his situation
Cquote1WORT WORT WORTCquote2
— The Arbiter doing nothing.
Cquote1SHOOP DA WHOOP!!Cquote2
— 343 guilty spark fireing his lazar.
Cquote1AHHHHH You beat meCquote2
— Johnson getting shot at with a lazar.
Cquote1I've been bitch slapped!Cquote2
— Spark after being hit by this user.

The Monitors are neurotic lightbulbs that only want to live in peace on their Giant hula-hoop forever. Their only real purpose is repeating the same lines over and over, and calling random people reclaimers as they try to get the people to commit suicide by activating the giant hula-hoops. Be warned that when you touch the stupid hula-hoops they want to activate, they get angered and get nasty and aggressive. Just look at Johnson - he pissed off 343 Guilty Spark and look at him, he ended up dead. Monitors were first used as lightbulbs at the Library. Then the forerunners advanced and developed them so that each one had its own specifically coloured internal light so then they were used as christmas lights. This not only brightened up the place, but also brightened up the Monitor's moods.They also have the strange ability to spawn whatever they want out of thin air, by buying these things with forge cash that they give to the maps guardians so the guardians can by mines that they bury in the sand, death barriers, and alien sentry guns.

Known MonitorsEdit

  • 343 Guilty Spark
  • 032 Medicated Bias
  • 2401 Pertinent Tangent
  • Offensive (and rather revolting) Bias, built to give 032 a taste of his own medicant, er, medicine.
  • 404 Page Not Found, created to inform Forerunners that the section of Halo that they were looking for is not currently available. Did you check the spelling of the URL?
  • 69 Wit Yo Momma, monitor of installation 02
  • 666 Satan's Assbudy 

Pyro monitor

some monitors also have pyro tendencies

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