Cquote1WTF!? HAX!!Cquote2
— Typical noob, on modding
Cool Banshee

A modded Stuka Dive Bomber

Modding (aka Haxorz to noobs) is an action that can be used in Halo Custom Edition. Noobs love this mode, as it is the only way for them to complete a campaign mission, even in Easy. Please note that noobs generally can't even scratch the surface of the


A hack that allows the user to fire rockets from an assault rifle


Details Edit


A player who gave Flipyap a Warthog

Most modding utilizes condensed Gruntiness to hack into the game's very essence. Bungie, because they are so grunty, allowed players to do this. Many players believe this to be the gruntiest thing ever done by a video game studio.

Many modders choose to use programs that allow Grunts to drive vehicles. This is evidence that players are coming to accept their grunty overlords. See given picture for more details.


A noobler-ghost

Use by Noobs Edit

More hax

A noob-mobile

As mentioned, some noobs love modding, as it allows them to do things that give them a huge advantage over their enemies. Mods used by noobs generally involve putting two vehicles together, or putting a bunch of Nooblers on a ghost. See given picture for details. Of course, other noobs just yell " OMG WTF HAXORZ" and rage-quit. However, noobs are liable to do that, whether or not "hax" are actually involved.

Trivia Edit

  • It is the embodiment of noobiness if a player chooses to mod a matchmaking game.
  • If a player mods an Xbox LIVE game, the Bungie Ninjas will slaughter ban them.

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