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Cquote1Son, the brass may kiss your a**, but I won't!Cquote2
— Gunns to Master Chief

Master Gunnery Sergeant, or the guy who got raped then killed, was also known to the people in the Cairo Station as the Guy that sits in his Armory. Gunns also claimed to have seen Master Chief's face. Master Chief got angry and fed a Can of Worms without its superiorly GAY armor.

His role in the Cairo Station was to sit around the armory and do nothing worth shit. When Master Guns saw Master Chief's face, the Chief knew he needed to be silenced quickly or the Covenant might revive Keyes with the suprise of MC's face and find out the location of Earth. The Chief called the Covenant to create the really annoying level Cairo Station for no reason and to place a bomb no one even knew about. The dirty work was so Chief can't get caught while he's escaping on In Amber Clad. The Covenant got angry that MC left and like the panzies they are, some-how still managed to damage Cairo Station. (Bungie is really cheap, AMIRITE?) In short, Master Guns is famous for just being killed by a spit-lip with a flashlight (a Plastic Rifle.)


His life was short lived (dying at the beginning in the game AND dying in the same level he was introduced.) He carried a Shotgun which was worth shit. His mom is rumored to be classy. Hence to why brutes always walked without a codpeice. :(


He he doesn't deserve an afterlife story. :P He was revealed to be a n00b.


He came to life in the Nipple Academy, and kicked a Grunt in the butt. Then for revenge, Kwarsh raped him.

Second DeathEdit

The Grunts raped his sorry-ass character excuse for one.

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