Mantis v grunt

A Grunt in the process of dying.

AV Johnson
This article is too damned short, Marine! You will help Gruntipedia by making it larger so it will fit the screen, fool!

The Mark IX Mantis ADS or more commonly known to people with a life as the Mantis is a massive awesome shooting, blowing-up-ering, stomping and teabagging Gundam.  It first appeared in Halo 4 but hasn't been seen since.


Since the Cyclops was such a success, Chevy decided to upgrade it with Mantis(?) legs, a machine gun, and a Poptart Launcher.  They used the Cyclops' profit to make the Mantises.  They soon discovered that they used all of there god-damned steel on a stupid stapler so they had to rob a bunch of McDonald's (their main ingredient for the Chicken McNuggets is steel). They finally had enough steel to make them, just in time for Halo 4. They released them at the 2012 Toyfare saying "It's got the name of the bug and yeah"


  • It doesn't even look like a fucking Mantis
  • It's name is Freckles

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