For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Marine (Halo Wars).
AV Johnson
This article is too damned short, Marine! You will help Gruntipedia by making it larger so it will fit the screen, fool!
Cquote1There won't be no bitch to save you now, asshole!Cquote2
Halo Wars Arbiter guy
Cquote1The best of the best, eh? Well, we're totally screwed then.Cquote2
— Sergeant John Forge
Cquote1Are you sure we got all the updates for the marines? They still can't shoot a Elite 1 foot away with a shotgun.Cquote2
— Captain James Cutter

The marine update option

Marines are the main infantry of the shitty idiots in Halo Wars. They have poor accuracy and armor made from the junkyard. The bad thing about them, that, in this game, is that they can't kill themselves with friendly fire. These soldiers infantrys need the supervision of Spartans to kill just a Jackhole. These marines are no match for a suicidal emo and its gruntiness. The only thing marines should do when confronted with these grunts is to commit suicide, run the hell away as soon as possible, or just be a dumb noob and stand there. Fortunately, the marines now are spawned as a group of marines. Unfortunately for you, you have more dumbasses to worry about destroying your base. The marines are some of the dumbest morons on that little bouncy ball. What do they call it? I think it's Pluto. Is it e...

When in doubt of the circumstances during a battle, just train marines. These marines follow every command you give them, but so does every other unit. Marines are recommended because they are like little Chinese toys: easily produced, quality info not needed. A Grunt trying to destroy your base? Send a marine squad. Online and someone is owning you? Resign before you give them what they want. Simple as that. So, do you know see the different situations a marine can handle? Of course not.Yes the army is really accurate not trained cause marines go a lot farther in close deaths the army sits back and THEN they happen do decide that "oooooooooooooh i need to come in" after marines killed everyone excpet two jackals. So then the army kills 2 of the jackals and they become heroes for "saving the marines".Plus becase of all that they're n00bs. In Halo Wars Gaylo Whores they got pwned by my grunts INFINITY times. That proves they were trained by Craptain I lost my car keyes so i cant go to work

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