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Marie Postly was an ODST that died and her name serves as a joke of the event.


Marie Postly was under Antonio Silvas command, she was also his favorite. She was friends with Foehammer in a horny way . Silva would put a cam in Postly post every time he was given a chance. One time under silvas command, a pack of brutes cornered her and another female marine. Both were bonered on the spot. Postly escaped when she told them that the other marine was actually a bio-sexual.

Postly would be along with silva be assigned to the Pillar of Autumn. Marie would have threesomes with foehammer and Cortana which secretly was taping for Master Chief. When the pillar was being attacked by the covanent, she launched out in her H.E.V. She died when she forgot to engage the parachuet. Then a couple of elites came and t-bagged her dead body.

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