Margaret Parangosky in her true form

Margaret Parangosky is the almighty fuck-mother of everything evil. She has been described as teh oldest stinkin' bitch in the galaxy. She has been known to rape various species of dinosaurs, sabre-tooth tigers, and meta-physical demigods. She personally loved war and violence so much, she had a custom vibrator made of one of Hitler's hollowed out ribs stuffed with a lock of Stalin's mustache hair wrapped in osama's turban. She founded and headed

ONI for a few centuries and realized that the blood of virgins would only make her live so long, so she eventually rescues Serin Osman from Halsey's office trashcan and raised her in the ways of god-like witchiness.

Early Life Edit

Margaret was born in an alternate dimension where everyone was extremely beautiful, so naturally everyone also was a horrible monster. She was born and promptly stabbed and then dropped because she was so dang ugly. Despite this, she was very sad her horrible ugli-itis made her completely unkillable. So one day, she went to her magic mirror and said "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, why the heck am I so dang ugly?" And the mirror said, "BITCH, YOU AIN'T GON BELIIIEEEVE DIS" and then he showed her a universe with other people as ugly as her, which happened to be our universe. So then she said, "I know what I must do!" and climbed Giant-Barbed-Ghost-Hamburger mountain, to seek out Scrotantula, the legendary ugly guy of old. He was all, "BITCH WHUT'CHOO NEED?",and she was all, "noone will love me because I'm ugly so I need you to send me to another dimension", and he was all, "BITCH, YOU SO UGLY I DOO IT JUST'A GET'CHOO OUTTA HERR" and then he grabbed her and literally threw her into another dimension, ours. She fell on Admiral Convetable-top, exhausted and satisfied. He said "whelp, I better but this bitch in charge of something" and made her leader of the Office of Nude Inbreeds.

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