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Domo Origato, Mr. Roboto Edit

A Major domo elite is something that's mean and likes to hurt people. Although it sounds suspiciously similar to that styxx song, bungie has yet to get asked "why they called it that." A pictue would be appreciated of one, but I(the writer) am too lazy to find one. Major domo elites used to kill humans, but now they kill grunts, drones, brutes, and get killed by hunters and AID's

Mating Rituals Edit

It is believed that they are asexual do to only command there own groups because they never seem to interact to any other major domos. They are can be called something else because of another theory stating that they get well, um, you know, with there own men and like to fight other major domos for that particular one's elites.

Covenant Edit

They fight in the covenant and then join the humans. They were to be victims of a halocost(pun intended) and where going to be killed by the ugly profit dude. The one who lies a lot, even his name is a lie. They then joined the humans to beat up covenant meanies. They are just like any other elite and don't really deserve a page.

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