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Meat and Taters

Meat and Taters were a Brute and a Grunt aboard the Covenant holy city of High Charity. In the time they spent there, they became best friends. (more...)

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Xbox One

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From Gruntipedia archives...

  • ...that the Noble Team are all dumbasses except for Emile, Jorge and Jun?
  • ...that if you purchased Halo: Reach, that means you joined the Noble Team, and that officially makes you an honorary dumbass?
  • ...that Halo 2 being cut off Xbox Live was really Microsoft doing it for teh lulz?
  • …that Skirmishers are the Jackal's version of a Spartan?

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Cquote1'Halo 5 is the latest game from indie developer "suck my dick studios"Cquote2
— Official Xbox Magazine.

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