The Maximum Asshole Creator, also known as 'Big-sticks' for their uncanny look-a-likeness to a Pickle. Its also called a 'MAC Gun', which is wrong, due to the fact that it does not look like or operate like a gun. The MAC cannon is ten times more effective than a nuke, a SPARTAN II, or your mother. MAC cannons have murdered hundreds of Covenant, and millions of humans, also. They were made obsolete by the much more powerful PAC Cannons.


What it isEdit

The MAC AND CHEESE gun was reportedly found in a junkyard where Lord Admiral Mr. Headlights was scavenging trashed sex dolls and coca cola cans in order to fund the UNSC one day. Previously thrown away by Armored Kratos because it just didn't kick enough ass, the MAC gun ran off of Demon blood and shot dragon eggs which exploded into a full sized dragon upon impact. The dragon promtly would rape stuff with his dragon dick. Lord Spare Tire found that the gun might be an imporovement upon conventional UNSC firearms, which at the time consisted of a pack of straws from Sonic and a few napkins to make spitballs with.

The dragons were released upon the covenant, and billions dies of ripped anuses and heart attacks suffered due to seeing their best friends' brain stabbed by a dragon dick that exploded up through their rectum.

How the weapon worksEdit

Okay, listen up, 'cause this is some serious szchitt. First of all, you need a tube thing. It can be metal, paper mache, a really really big dick or whatever happens to be handy. Next, you tie a bunch of Magnetix to the base, preferably with yarn or some other high durability thread. Then you pop the dragon's egg in the chute, say a witty one liner and wait for the sound of splitting flesh and screams of pure agony to ensue.

What does it do? Edit

It blows shit up, obviously.