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Spec ops elite

Maddi is gonna pounce ya bitch (gruntiness and pwnage included)

Maddi'slimanee is an elite version of yours truly and is totally BADASS BITCH! (you wish you'd be him)

This is his story... (bitch)

Early lifeEdit

maddi was born in super crackland to a Elite mother whose sister got raped by a Grunt (sounds familiar....)

his dad was killed by him due to maddi being a psychopath and sociopath who'll kill ya just for not liking you but if he does or does'nt care he'll leave you alone unless... your a girl, hell fuck you if your good looking until you die of diseases or the cause of your vagina exploding. (that. must. be. PAINFUL.) 

Family businessEdit

maddi's family owns all the wrong business's in sangheili. name it prostitution (all types), drug dealing, hitmen, gun for hire and mercenaries so evrything originates from his family business so he's rich as fuck.

Joining the BIG DAMN HEROES and an asylumEdit

maddi was invited by Pawnee to join the squad and he did and pwnd.... Don't ask where.

He killed so many Brutes he was sent to an insane asylum Ninety Hundred Thousand Million Billion Googol Gooogolplex times because he ate brute hearts and that was FUCKING INSANE!! He was let out by someone who also went there.

Current life Edit

he currently lives with otha (a lot of elites do) and hangs out with Pancakes and pwns on xbox and send death threats to Truth whos scared the living shit out of them and never EVER gos to sleep

Shit he didEdit

  • He ate the heart of a Brute
  • he he went to an insane asylum 9 times
  • Had sex (with himself, jk :D) a lot


  • he's insane
  • he's Sexy and polish o_0
  • he's violent
  • He has a big ego (hence creating an article about himself)
  • he fucked your girlfriend
  • he's epic
  • he finished everything on mythic (no wonder hes insane)

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