The MLG logo. The only reason there aren't any hands on the controller is because they're too busy whacking off to their K:D ratio (which is 0:infinity)

'My Little Greg or Men Lacking Girlfriends and MLG is competitive noob gaming league.

MLG's just think they're the shit because they can tap buttons. MLG's think they are pro, and in this case, P.R.O means "Penis Rocking Oldies".

Their introduction to HaloEdit

Not many know this, but they were actually in Halo 1.

They used l33t hax to play online, Bungie banned them, not because of the hacks, but because MLG's were gay.

Most people think their introduction to Halo was in Halo 2, but no.

They reproduce by rapidly rapeing hoes that they steal from pimps however the pimps get there kick ass cars and brass knuckles and end it in three secound so only 0-1/9999 hoes are not freed.


MLG Slayer is just Team slayer, but you spawn with BRs (They l33t haxed them into Halo 1), you have no Heartbeat Sensor, and you are 10% faster because MLG's are also Sonic Wannabes.

They have other gametypes, but we won't talk about them because the only difference is the objective.

The MLG "Pros"Edit


The average MLG.

MLG's are just fat nerds who sit on the couch tapping buttons and shoving dildo's up each others assholes fucking each other.

The do not participate in Social Activities.(AKA no lives)

They all are also fucking dickheads and they act all full of themselves.(AKA acting like douchebags.)

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