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AV Johnson
This article is too damned short, Marine! You will help Gruntipedia by making it larger so it will fit the screen, fool!
Cquote1Your new armor a MARK SIX which has side effects such as chafing and it takin control of your body, so take it easy.Cquote2
— Gunney givin Chief his new armor
Cquote1What the hell happened to him?Cquote2
Grunt upon finding MC rusted in place from rain
Cquote1I too sexy for my suit.Cquote2
— MC lying

The Spartan Mark VI armor is the next generation of ultra badass suits. Only the MC got to wear it since every other Spartan died in freak accidents or just like old worthless suits. Realizing the Mark V suit sucks, the Noob Corps took the MJOLNIR armor and modded it to have big green plates of oodles and noodles. Other mods include shields that can actually take a needle hit, pockets, a cupholder, and built in cell phone. It still has no bathroom so MC still has to piss and poop in his pants and dispose of it later in the forest. But MC looked like a bigger fool with the green armor. Noobs like green armor to put on Spartans instead of the ballin black armor Asians wanted. MC thought it would be funny to put a symbol on his armor that represents him, so he put a giant pill symbol there. It represents all the steroids and "other unmentionables" he takes to keep his epicness and also shows what the girls he does don't take. But otherwise it fuckin wrecked itself in Halo 2.

Hula Hoops 2 and 3Edit

The mark VI was brand new but it still helped MC jump out a ship and pwn another ship(Whale) in space. MC found it hard to beat Legendary with his armor. Jackhole snipers and Death Spoons decided to eat his armor like that and by later days his armor was total shit, no longer shiny. It didn't fair better in Halo 3 and almost got him killed. In the end MC disappeared from the thouhgt of having to be some damn guinea pig for the Marks VII to X. Even the retarded Mark LULZ. He prefared the C.Q.B. and Reconz more than shit armor. It's rare to find someone on XBL wearing Mark VI or even the failure Mark V.

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