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300px-MA5C ICWS Assault Rifle


AV Johnson
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Salt Rifle v1.01
Production information





Salt Rifle


Sixteen German Strippers

Technical specifications

88 centipeders

Damage Per Hit

Low to Medium

Fire Mode

Auto - staple like




Shoot at general direction








Salt shaker


The MA5C Assault Rifle is the new usable assault rifle in Halo 3. More accurate, powerful, and generally worthwhile and realistic than the piece of shit SMG Act-Alike it replaced. A smaller magazine (from a lonely press in a rural area) and lower fire rate were traded for this improvement, but at least you are now capable of killing n00bs with it, instead of having to use an AR as a last resort when you can't find the Ass raper 9000.

Details Edit

For more basic information on this improve-mint to that Piece of Shit rifle, read about the original Assault Rifle.

In Halo 3, an interesting side effect came with the introduction of the new and proved itself no longer an insult to rifles (although, it is still called one by weapon critics who keep trading it for Bullet Hoses and Splazers). With the new melee system in place, it became a common tactic to run towards the enemy, guns blazing, and then punch them in the face. Suicide becomes common when charging at Shotguns. These also work off the Rat-a-Tat system in the previous |MA5B|, only with Arbiter pimpin a grunt bigger rats that are from New York City, and larger salt cones instead of cubes, thereby taking up more space, giving the gun a 32-salt-cone magazine. it also has the useless Compass app just to distract people from the smaller ammo size. Basically the same shit, but only improved just so Master Chief can pot-shot lonley grunts and watch Tartar sauce Masterbuate to Truth.

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