For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on M831 Troop Transport.
This is the most pointless truck ever made all it is is free kills for the n00bs that shoot at it. Warthogs are the main light infantry vehicle for the UNSC(aka lazy fat s). When driving this vehicle take in to consideration the word in the title Light as this is literal. Also, when you are in this vehicle make sure you are the one driving because you do not need a drivers license to be in the Marines. This truck of sorts usually has three seats (driver, gunner and passenger), no one knows why it has a passenger seat but most Marines have made use of this by crouching in it and shooting out over the windshield.You need to have a riding license, which is only given to Marines to ride at the back of the vehicle. SPARTAN-2s are not aloud to ride in the back as their weight would make the puny benches collapse.

ATTENTION: When driving the Warthog, please take care not to drive in New Jersey as Marines do not like to buckle up.

Trivia Edit

Somebody should edit this. Not any of this is fun. At all. And why is the vehicle noob?? It's for campaign only, so why the fuzz?

  • The Troop Trasport Warthog was made because Lord Hood woudn't stop docking with young marines so he made the it simply because he liked its vibration.
  • If Chuck Norris ever gets in a Troop Transport Warthog the universe will explode.
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