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A guy killing a Brute with the crap gun

Cquote1Why the fuck did I even take this piece of shit from dutch?Cquote2
— The Rookie cursing in New Mombasa after realising the silenced SMG, however cool, is a piece of shit.
Cquote1OMG this has a red dot sight. How do I use it? Oh man this weapon is &$%#Cquote2
— N00b realising the truth about the SMG.
Cquote1.........(grunt mysteriously dies)Cquote2
— What it sounds like when the suppressed SMG is used against grunts.
Cquote1Oh, MAN! Why can't they issue it to us spartans not these dumbasses?Cquote2
— MasterChief making a fair comment.
Cquote1It's ma dick extention!Cquote2
— Dutch talking to Romeo about the Supressed SMG.
Cquote1This gun is AB-SO-LUTE SHIIIIIIIITCquote2
— Marine when given a supressed SMG for his Lawn Chair by the Rookie.
Cquote1Shut the fuck up you marine pussy, I decide what weapon you useCquote2
— The Rookie, talking for the first time ever.
— the SMG on life
Cquote1Wort wort wortCquote2
— a recarnated Squidward on the SMG

The Supressed Super Mega Gay, or SMG, is perfect for pwning Grunts because you can shoot them and all they hear is there wrinkly fat assses hitting the floor. The only idiot ever to use the M7S was the Rookie, because its as mute as he is.

Copyright incident Edit

The Suppressed SMG was originally going to be called SMG2, but Nintendo came in and SUED. Then, they changed it to Super Mario Galaxy. Nintendo was so pissed, all their stuff was yellow and wet. They sued again, but this time the UNSC said "man, screw you!" and shot them, right in their ass. SMG is officially the shittest mass-produced wepon of all time.

Haters Incident Edit

Prophet of Haters watched it all on his 142' Flat Screen TV. He got PISSED when he heard them say "@$$ $HOT!" Haters sued, but dropped the charges. Haters shot an unnamed Marine, and the UNSC swore revenge against him.

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New Mombasa Edit

Somehow this rare, special operations weapon found it's way into the hands of many marines all over new mombasa, sometime between the cheif killing the scarab and the covenant carrier jumping. a space of moments, after which almost no new UNSC stuff could get into the crater. typical bungie disregard for reason to make a game sell for full price while being about half as much work.

Fucking gun with no sound! Edit

Grunts have launched a protest against suppressed SMGs and are doing suicide bombings on artiliry shacks with suppressed SMGs.

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