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One way to clean your teeth

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Cquote1This weapon doesn't make any sense whatsoever.Cquote2
— Someone with a point
Cquote1Does anything in Halo?Cquote2
— Someone else with a point
Cquote1Same cartridge and barrel length as all the shitty assault rifles but totally different behaviour. I don't think the canon writers where talking to the gameplay designers.Cquote2
— Someone addressing minor design flaws in the Halo universe
Cquote1This is the worst toothpick ever.Cquote2
— A Brute using the DMR for the wrong reasons

The DMR, also known as the Dead Man's Rifle or Despicable Manly Rag, is a semi-automatic... the 26th century.....

It fires turtles at extremely high velocity. It was invented in 1850 by the prophet of haterz to kill homosexual ostrich robots. The UNSC thought it was badass so they adopted it as their main rifle 1 second after seeing it. They decided to replace its reticle with a flower that blooms every time you fire. Somehow this makes you have shitty accuracy.


The DMR is semi-automatic of reasons only known to Bungie and retards, and we're in the 26th century... odd....

In addition to the retarded firing mechanism the DMR only have 15 bullets in the clip(FYI, that is damn little). also, the DMR does 000000 damage and is only used by noobs.

When looking at the above facts it looks like the reasons the weapon was incorporated is to make noobs more noobish and SWAT's more...SWATish?


the DMR has such good accuracy that fireing it causes it to spaz out insanely until it needs to reload.
  • Have I mentioned that it sucks?
  • Somehow aiming down the scope and shooting makes your character cross-eyed and not hit anything.
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