Why have HUD when the weapon itself has it's own HUD?

Cquote1So I was firing at this guy and I thought "YES!". However, that was before the grenade bounced back to me and I died.Cquote2
— Someone addressing minor design flaws of the weapon
Cquote1So in 500 years we have reverted to standalone, single shot grenade launchers? Which have proven to be less effective than underbarrel ones and much less than multiple grenade launchers? No wonder we're losing!Cquote2
— Someone addressing minor design flaws in the Halo universe
— A n00b who then whent on to contract AIDS

The Pro-pipe is a new weapon featured in Halo: Reek. It looks like a Air-Zooka.


The Pro-pipe does not hold 6 grenades like a certain multishot grenade launcher, but ONE! Aint that amazing?

Some people believe that Bungie just took a M79 grenade launcher and reskinned it. Bungie responded to the rumour by sending Bungie representatives to the peoples homes in order to talk them out of it.

Standard M319 Individual Grenade Lawnchair


The Pro-pipe fires only one grenade that behaves like the shitty Frag Grenade. For some reason the grenade contains electro-magnetism.

The weapon is not seen very often in multiplayer because noobs go MW2 and empty the ammo supply by firing the grenades across the map.


  • Nobody's good with it. Nobody sucks with it(except noobs).
  • It's cool for being around 500 years old.
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