For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on M12R Light Anti-Armor Vehicle.

Its a Warthog with missles! Its the brother of the Rocket Warthog. It has the second best Warthog, the best is the Gauss Warthog.


CPOMZ found a Wolverine and tore the Missle Launchers off and put in on his 'Hog. The UNSCDF realised how smart this was and mass-produced Missle Warthogs themselves, phasing out Wolverines, and soon Reach was full of 'em! However, this was 1 week after CPOMZ got court-marshaled for sabotaging a military vehicle.


The Wort Wort Worthog


  • The Missle Warthog PWNS Noobs.
  • It Pwns even more in Halo: Reach because it can be driven! :D

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