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Cquote1Oh my! What an excellent machine!Cquote2
— Guilty Spark on the rocket warthog

The Rocket Hogcher

The Rocket Warthog was only shown in Halo PC and have never been seen after that. Some people miss them, including the all-powerful and uber-grunty Menace Potatoe

The rockets was fueled by pure Gruntiness and pwned noobs like hell. It was replaced by the Gauss Warthog, which is way better, because: Gauss=Uber fast rockets. The rocket hog has a ridiculously slow rate of fire, and is best used against noobs, snipers, boosters, dead bodies, mice, tanks, your mom, your dad, your sister, your cousin, your dinner, a huge group of asstards that know that they'll get owned by explosives sooner or later, and other rocket hogs.

Why they RockedEdit

  • Uncanny ability to pwn a Scorpion Tank.
  • Canny ability to be pwned by a Scorpion Tank
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