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==Lt. Callaway==

Callaway powning Covies

Cquote1Don't Fight it, don't fight it!Cquote2
— Sgt. Callaway choking Covenant commander.

Lt. Callaway was the best marine you could ever find anywhere. Not brain-dead, smart, good driver, impressive aim, and the skills of a Spartan. He usually used a custom made M19A12 Shotgun that shot a 9 rock shotgun spread, later he made it shoot a 12 spread.

Early lifeEdit

Joe Callaway was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and went to school at Lovett. He was raised by the species called Canis Rufus. That's exactly how he got his call sign. Canis Rufus, Red Wolf.

UNSC CareerEdit

Joe joined the marines in 2547 as an ODST marine in the only actually elite force Delta Team, otherwise known as the 36th Scotish Marine Division, since he was half Scotish. Good thing too, he wouldn't work with the regular Marine n00bs.

Battle Of Orzonia 5Edit

Never really recorded in Halo history was the battle of Orzonia 5. Sgt. Callaway was leading his squad through a jungle and stumbled across a Covenant base. They fought until the had no more ammo and then Callaway took his knife and ran up to them and stabbed them all. The Covenant Commander tried to run away but Callaway took his shotgun and choked him to death. For his valiant efforts on the battlefield he got a Purple Heart and a Medal of Honer. He also was promoted to a Lieutenant. The Marines started calling him Lt. Killing Machine No.3 (1 and 2 being Chief and Johnson).

Tracking Down E.T. gone badEdit

While stationed at Earth, Lt. Callaway witnessed the Forerunner craft crashing on Earth. He then was sent to track down Truth. There was a big cliff in front of him and his squad and they were pinned down so what did he do? He jumped. His squad followed him when the found out he threw a satchel charge on the overturned warthog. When all of his men were off the cliff he detonated the satchel and blew up the Covenant forces. Can you belive this guy? He fought his way to the Forerunner ship and then it launched. When the flood ship fell to earth he destroyed half the flood and then caught a Pelican to Rtas' ship.

Still Tracking Down Testical Chin No.1Edit

When he got to the Ark he just followed the Chief around like a loyal dog, but as slyly as a Fox, that's why you don't see him in any Halo.

Life After ServiceEdit

After his service he went back to Georgia and got married to a girl named Madelyn, like he promised if he ever got back home alive. He also got a Grunt for a pet. He loves Grunts. Who doesn't?

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