Common locust

A common covenant Locust

For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Locust.

The Covenant's Locust, also known as Pedoscarab, Shit Spider, and Cuddles is a mini Scarab tower pwng spider that only appears every 500 years since they always migrate from High Charity and their covie bullies to the Amazon. They were originally Scarabs but the Profit of Truth had the Scarabs shrunk with a shrink gun and, against the law since Scarabs are an endangered species, had their heads and turdets cut off. A rectangular gun of rightousness was glued to the top of the mini Scarab and was renamed the Locust. They are equipped with shitty mini shields that could be drained even by missing completely with a shitty halo 2 magnum. They are really only used to kill enemy buildings, because their pink rays make the buildings want to commit suicide. Overdrive adds purple to this making the buildings want to kill themselves even more.


The rectangular gun of rightousness fires a PINK beam of doom made from space chili and defecations that can pwn any building in 10 seconds. It is also used by monkeys as a Space Wasp swatter to get the insects outta their hotel rooms. The entire Gruntipedia community with association from China is still trying to figure out what the gun does to humans. We can only speculate that it turns any creature it shoots gay. Realizing they have no control of who to have sexual relations with, the victim, vehicle, or building will whip out a fagnum and blow their brains out. Locusts have HIV so they need a containment bubble around them to not get sick, this is also used as a pathetic type of shield that can't defeat Hornet stings. It can use its shield as a weapon by absorbing the soap to make the rightous gun glow brighter to own any asshole that dares to challenge it.

Speed nerfEdit

Locusts are powered by old fashoined Toyota engines from the 70s that make them extra slow. They are in 2nd place in slowness under the Elephant. Being so damn slow they can't outrun their mortal enemy, Honda cars! The shame of losing millions of races to Honda resulted in many murder-suicides making the Locust an endangered animal.

Appearance in Halo WarsEdit

On planet Harvest the better Arbiturd threw the 50 last Locusts into battle(he literally threw them). They're only useful to kill n00bs who camp in one place and wonder where the fuck is that shiny pink beam coming from. Most Locusts were blown into used auto parts before the uber pwng of the Scorpions who kicked more Locusts into the Pit of Doom while yelling,"THIS IS HARVEST"! No Locusts survive today to see the light of Halo 3 and are listed as yet another 1 time trash heap.

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