Cquote1*Tentacle four raise, bend to left, tentacle 1 drop, wiggle three times*Cquote2
— Lighter Than Some, on how he got his name

The Master Chief holding a shotgun to him.

Lighter Than Some is a famous Covenant Engineer. He lived a long, floaty life as the most famous engineer ever.


He was created on High Charity among a bunch of his pink, floaty brothers. He was transferred to the Minor Transgression to live his floaty life among the Kig-Yar. There, he met his great friend Dadab.

After an attack by Mr. T, Lighter Than Some and Dadab escaped in an escape pod. Dadab almost ran out of methane, but luckily Lighter Than Some had just rustled up some beans from the cafeteria before Mr. T's attack. He farted methane, and Dadab was able to live on by breathing farts.

They were then found by the Rapid Conversion (aka the Rabid Conversation) and then met Tartar sauce and his uncle Maccabeus. They screwed around, and Dadab preached to his Grunty Grunt homies.

He died when he was torn apart by 50 jealous mosquitoes. His remains were then transformed into the world's first methane balloon.

His Name Edit

Little is known about the reason for his name. It is presumed that his parents were making a statement about the size of their neighbor's kid, named "Bigger than Most, but Conscious that his Size may Lead to Health Issues".

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