Cquote1Mmm...Ima lick a lichCquote2
— A retarded marine
Cquote1What the fuck is that?Cquote2
— A marine about the Lich
Cquote1What the? OH GOD IT'S SO UGLY!Cquote2
— Master chief upon seeing the Lich

What is that thing? What the hell did the Phantom give birth to?

Cquote1Hey if they're used for getting rid of everything with brute force then howcome they weren't in Reach?Cquote2
— A marine with a good question

The Lich also known as (get ready for uber geekness) The T-56 Ground Support/Ultra Heavy Deployment Platform is a really fucked up looking ship. It apparently was used to only rape marines as a last effort to get rid of them due to Jul mdama getting bored of just taking LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG ASS battles with humans so BOOM BOOM POW!

What Is It?Edit

It is a Phantom that got really fucked up and was used in halo 4 to stop Master chief from using the mammoth and get raped by it but MC managecd to kill it before brutal raping occured. (thank god)


  • It is fucking ugly
  • It is used for Uber Pwnage (at the right hands)
  • It has a plasma cannon that can brutally rape a mammoth
  • It can be used for global raping
  • It is rather easy to kill just let the bastard halopedians explain.

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