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— Lekgolo worm telling a cruel yo momma joke
— Lekgolo worm on current state of politics
— Lekgolo worm on crack

A Lekgolo is a 140 centimeter long orange worm that eat shit. When they feel like it they may combine forces and form Voltron Hunters or Scarabs.


The history of Lekgolo is long and very pathetic since they are the bottom of the foodchain and literally stomped upon by other species. Their homeworld is a bunch of rocks in outer space ripe with relics made by the bastards that started all this crap which the worms enjoys to huff.

Joining the CovenantEdit

The Covenant, upon finding the relics went from handing out high-fives to declaring war against the worms for huffing the relics(yes, they declared war against worms).

Shock troppers landed on the rocks and began stomping on the worms. The worms, getting pissed that they got an additional enemy who liked stomping on them, created a primitive version of Hunterishness and began forming giant walking heaps of killing worms. They started stomping on the intruders and pwned a Arbiter in the process. The Covenant, realizing their horrible mistake began threatening to orbitally bombard the Lekgolo's homeworld. The Lekgolo, after a brief consideration, faked a surrender(the Hunterishness is capable of deflecting a glassing beam) since they wanted to travel in space instead of eating rocks for all of eternity. Hell, they even got giant guns and shiny armor!

The Lekgolo gladly took the new job as walking tanks, mainly because they wanted an excuse for stomping on people. They accept donuts as salary.

Famous LekgoloEdit

  • Lekgolo#1
  • Lekgolo#2
  • Bob Hope
  • Lekgolo#3
  • Lekgolo#3.5 (political hero)
  • Lekg- You know what? Fuck this! No way that I'm doing this list.
  • Lekgolo#99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
  • Lekgolo# 1x∞
  • Mr. This joke is dead.
  • Lego
  • Dildo 
  • MegaLego, No Wait...
  • that one with the tiny dildo head up its own pooper
  • 8----
  • Did I menion Dildo?
  • poop
  • Your mother
  • Sperm worm


  • You've probably killed 1 billion worms. However, no one will be impressed.
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