Last Resort is what Bungie likes to call a so-called "spiritual succesor" to Zanzibar. It's called "Last Resort" beacause Bungie could not think of any good ideas for new maps and so remade Zanzibar as a "Last Resort". The puns.

Bungie jump

The island has many spots to Bungie jump!

Places in Last ResortEdit

The Building InteriorEdit

Inside the building, the big spinny thingy in the middle has been removed and the funny message on the computer has been removed, unfortunately. There is also a giant container for no reason at all. There are now 2 gates, which are button operated and suck. There is a tennnis-ball launcher at the second gate.

The Building Roof TopEdit

Lots of good weapons here. Nooblers, Splazers and Spike Grenades spawn here. And the big human turrets. Unfortunately, this huge arsenal makes the building roof top a n00b camping ground.

The WheelEdit

The three-spoked, Mercedes logo-ish wheel now houses a lame equipment that turns you into a heat wave. No more Death Stick, then.

Camp FromanEdit

Camp Froman is the sniper spot. Sniper ROFL spawns here. And fusion coils have been conveniently placed at the best sniping points.

The Surrounding AreaEdit

Mongeese. Damn.

The Building Near the BeachEdit

BR spawn point. Snipe holiday-goers from here! Also leads to the wheel.


Vehicle Spawn Point. Features more Mongeese, a Jeep and a purple floaty thing with guns.


It is still one of the greatest maps in Halo history.

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