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Cquote1Merry Christmas, damn aliens!Cquote2
— A marine firing a mounted Missile Pod at a Scarab
— Noobs dont know how to evade missile pod
Cquote1Wort! Wort! *BOOM*Cquote2
— An elite watching a missile coming at him

The Missile Pod was a weapon adapted by the UNSC from long-forgotten Thunderbirds technology from the 80s. The Missile Pod is designed to fire a small rocket up into the air, similar to a Flare or Firework. When the Covenant attacked Voi( I mean soi), the UNSC realised that the Missile Pods were the only effective Anti-Air weapon available, so they reluctantly signed them up to be distributed around the city.

Mounted on their Thunderbird Silos they are practically useless, but some bright spark realised that if you pull the Pod

Like with kyle and drew

The missile pod being used correectly

off the stand you can actually hit something with it. The UNSC didn't like this technique, however, as it involved the damage of company property, so they installed homing devices on the missiles so they can track Covenant Machinery, like Phantoms, Banshees or the rear end of a Scarab.

The Master Chief made it his mission to forcibly insert these weapons into the Brute Chieftains in Voi using whatever means he could, and lets just say the Brutes were lucky if their mouth was the first thing Master Chief found to stick the Pod up. After nearly a week of this aggressive behaviour the Brutes eventually got a restraining order on the Master Chief, but even this did not stop his rampage.

The Missile Pods themselves can also be found in their dismounted state, each one containing eight missiles. These missiles also home in on enemy vehicles but have a nasty habit of simply veering off course and exploding. Giving a Missile Pod to the Arbiter allows him to target Hunters, Brutes and even Grunts for the Missile Pod to home in on, this is because the Arbiter (apparently) has the secret ability to talk to missiles.

Pros & ConsEdit


  • It's large
  • It compensates for the average Marine in that respect, if you know what I mean
  • The Arbiter can actually use it well
  • It makes mincemeat out of those pesky Banshees
  • It can be carried around like a suitcase, except you shouldn'y try bringing it into an airport
  • It makes rather large explosions


  • It's heavy
  • When we said the Arbiter can use it well, we meant in THEORY. In REALITY he hits you with it just as much as any other weapon.
  • When it's mounted on its pedestal, it only fires into the sky unless its locked on.
  • It only has eight missiles, and finding ammo for it is literally impossible unless you know a guy
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