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King of the hill

The previous king after being incinerated by someone's Flamethrower.

King of the Hill is another gametype for the Halo series. The objective is to get on some imaginary hill that sometimes magically moves, and stay longer than everyone else. The UNSC says there's no point doing this, but you insist there's great importance in becoming the "King of the Hill". Now, they're worried about you. Ignore them. You don't have an addiction or any problem in that matter. Screw the marines because you NEED to become the next King of the Hill.

In Halo: The Fall of Reach, Doctor Halsey comments that the Master Chief is playing the choking game King of the Hill with some other children. She also forgot to mention that she noticed some Spartans were missing or unconscious after the game was finished.


King: Mow down everyone on the hill with a SMG and control the hill for 2 minutes. Simple.

Team King: With the help with a team, you can capture the hill easily. Once king, you can be an evil tyrant douchebag you always wished to be.

Known Kings of the Hill Edit

  • xxSniperGuyxx46 - Many kings have ruled before him, but no one remembers their names.
  • Sheila - Succeeded SniperGuy. Coined the term "Tank of the Hill". Bungie disapproved of Sheila's ways, and called U-Haul to get her off the hill.
  • Caboose - Succeeded Sheila. He reigned as king longer than anyone who preceded him. Time he reigned: 3 seconds.
  • Random Grunt - Somehow got involved, but left as soon as he discovered that the server he was in was full of noobs.
  • Hank Hill - Reigned for quite a while. But was then decrowned.
  • superblakedog - This dude is the current king, and it absolutely beast.

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