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The mark of a Grunty individual

Killionaire is one of the hardest medals in Halo 3, ODST, and Reach to get. Noobs fall in Shock as they hear those fifty words. Killionaire. If a Killionaire medal is achieved, the entire game will fall under complete silence. You, or someone else has achieved Killionaire

Prepare for an onslaught of Pros who found that a nobody just owned them. all your angels will ignore you as your life flashes before you, Even still, you keep on fighting, through the thunder, and the lightning, as now Heaven Sends it's love......YOUR SUDDEN DEATH FROM ABO... scratch that last sentence...

Ways to get KillionaireEdit

  • Go into Reach/ODST firefight, get a bottomless clip, a fuel rod gun, a Golf Club/gravity hammer. Get a lot of easy/legendary grunts (the in-betweeners know when to run) and switch health to invulnerable. Need I say the rest?
  • Grab a golf club, and tell all the enemies to huddle up in one spot.
  • Ask your Girlfriend to play Halo Reach. She will easily be able to do it.
  • Ask Daniel Morris to get it for you.
  • Get a good combo of weapons. Carry an Assault Rifle, as well as a secondary if the the first one breaks.
  • Hack the game.
  • Inherit the award. it's not called Killionheir for nothing.
  • Toss a plasma grenade at a Brute Chieftain, (don't worry, he won't charge towards you with his, hulking, tremendously sized Gravity Hammer.)

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