Cquote1I had sex at Kikowani Station!Cquote2
— Bob Marley in his famous song

Near final version of level

In Kikowani Station, Buck is tripping ass and he thinks he is playing a modded Starfox 64, mod includes boomsticks, Volatile Boogers, Gravity Spammers, walking on foot and other crap.

5 Hours after dropEdit

Buck: Almost der, amright?

Buck: Ditch! I can has ur chemistry set?

Ditch: Wtf is wrong with him?

Buck: Grabity spammer fucked up his shit lol

Romeo: Gimme mah helf pack kthxlol

  • Buck gives Romeo biowhore canister*

Buck: How much hp?

Romeo: OVER 9000!

Buck: Train is underground so we gonna find some shit and fap

Romeo: I can has ride on ya?

Buck: Do I look like Stanley the caveman to you?

Romeo: No...

Buck: Then stfu

  • Phantom flies by in search for pr0nz*


  • Garage door closes*

Mickey: Gunny zomfg u has to see dis

Mickey: dis means we need 1337?

Buck: OMG

  • Same phantom as before has it's passengers banging collected pr0nz*

Buck: We gonna hijack the bitche's shit, LANDING OMG MICKEY FOLLOW ME

Level startsEdit

Mickey: Are you high? I can fly a Fish eater but a Turd? is been 9000 yers sins I ran a frigging simulation dumbass!

Buck the fuck fuck: And ur not demented!

  • Buck pwns opposing grunts using Ass salt*

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