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Cquote1Lololololol u mad bro?Cquote2
— A random Hunter to a random Jackal bragging about how much his shield is better

Bird Shield

This picture is in no way funny.


An outback Jackal, at the farm, you don't need shields.

The Riot Shield (stop playing Call of Duty) Kig-Yar Point Zero Field Shit no one cares about Defense Offense Dinner Gauntlent Shield Thingy is an energy shield for Bird raptors that sucks more than vacuum.

The Jackal Shield is not tactical at all and just makes Jackals more annoying.


This shitstain is not very defensive at all because a pimp slap can temporarily disable the shit juices that these shields run on.

They are designed to deflect bullets bullshit but ironically are insanely vulnerable to it's own offense, plasma.

You would think that they would design it to withstand all threats, especially itself, but no, all Plasma weapons will destroy the shield like taking candy from a fucking retard (considering that the retard doesn't go apeshit trying to defend his candy).

The shitstain looks like a green pancake, but they can be purple pancakes, orange pancakes, blue pancakes and red pancakes.

Red Pancake, seriously, what was Bungie thinking? So now, the Red Pancake versions of Jackal Shields are now called Dick Cancer.


It does have some uses...

  • Umbrella (The Jackals in 343 Guilty Spark used them this way)
  • Trampoline (It will evaporate though, I mean, made in China)
  • Toilet (If you want to be demoted, yeah)
  • Sled
  • Large spork


  • Camping (The glowiness can't give you the tile of Dark Corner McDougal)
  • Everything
  • Everything
  • Everything
  • Did I mention everything?
  • Everything
  • Did I forget to mention everything?
  • Your mom
  • Your mum
  • Your mother
  • Your mommy
  • Your mummy
  • Your mamma
  • Everything.
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