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Kelly being pissed

Kelly 3

Kelly embracing her wild side.

Time Warp - Dog Drinking00:41

Time Warp - Dog Drinking

Kelly is one of the best in the badass Spartan program. She can run at burst of 800kph. Master Chief once said she was "almost untouchable, no one could touch her if she didn't want them to", Kelly's home world was the planet reach like most spartans at the age of six she was the fastest person out of all the spartans that were created in the super soldier program she was designed to be the fasted and sexiest out of all but there was one problem and it was her furry fetish, Doctor Halsey made her a suit to help her embrace her inner furry, (yes you heard me she's a female furry and has a huge sex fetish for furry creatures)

Every day Kelly puts on a suit Doctor Halsey  created for her to embrace her inner furry, inside the suit she sees a constant loop of a dog drinking water on the top right screen which makes her extremely horny and causes her to moan,cum saliva, and orgasm as she watches the video, this helps her move at MACH 18,000 due to her adrenaline pumping, and oddly as it sounds Kelly is straight (only gets horny around furry males) when not around furry male creatures she is is a normal sexy brunette that likes to have fun, her team mates call her the bunny due to her speed a sexual fetish for furry male creatures (especially canines,felines,rodents) when not in combat she dresses her self up in her favorite color white she dresses her self up in her favorite color white, however while in her suit she either wheres the one Halsley designed for her or her custom made armor notice the rabbit emblem on her chest, she's 5,9 and is 28 years old, when in combat she owns n00bs with the shotty her suit allows her to move at incredible speeds with the unfortunate side affetcs of makeing her extrmely sex lusted for animal sex to the poit (rarely) she humps her enemies to death bu crushing them with her pelvis which is capable of survivng sex with the sex god for days on end, however she just usually owns noobs with her supers speed and shooting them at point blank with the shot gun.

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