Cquote1ALLAHU AKBAR!Cquote2
— Kamikaze Grunt battle cry
— What Kamikaze grunts often say, No, seriously, they say it in Halo 3.

It's a bunch of kamikaze Kwarshes! RUN LIKE HELL!!!

A Kamikaze Grunt is a type of Grunt with enough grunty faith to believe in the Great Journey. They are such firm believers that they go ahead and kill themselves. They kill themselves in the off chance that it will help them become more efficient killers. This is why they are the only Covenant unit that we kind of like. But then the bastard sneaks up on you, and BOOM! You hate him again.

A Kamikaze Grunt's strategy is simple. Lurk in the corners pretending to be a normal grunt. When the Demon is looking the other way, turn on the grenades and sneak up on him. He'll never see it coming. Fortunately for the Chief, these guys are very stupid and still miss when the grenades are attached to their bodies.

The Kamikaze Grunts have more Gruntiness then anyone or anything else. They think they are cool because they have two orbs of pure gruntiness, but this actually just makes them lame because they blow themselves up like n00bs. Even though they blow themselves up like n00bs, they aren't n00bs. That about sums up Kamikaze Grunts.

Acquiring Their 'Nades Edit

They get their grenades by ripping off their testes and charging at you after lighting them on fire and coating them with glue. They blow up because they are so devoted they fill their scrotum with gasoline and let it soak into their bright blue balls

The Oath of the Divine WindEdit

I be a Grunt,
A Grunt's what I be,
I be no solider, Just Kamikaze.
I take the lives,
of others and me,
in hopes to kill the enemy.
The Demon stands tall and proud,
but he won't when my stickies knock him down.
My Grunty charm is all that matters
When my insides...and outsides...start to splatter.
I sit here and wait
for the journey to come,
I sit here wasted just like a bum.
So I'll light up my life,
and yours on the matter,
When my insides...and outsides...start to splatter.
You know you love it
Don't deny the graceful bliss when I die.
My Gruntish blood,
Blue in tinge,
Makes the demon
Want to cringe.
So I stick myself, and all that matters,
is when your insides...and outsides...start to splatter.
For I am a Grunt, the lowest of ranks.
You can try to run,
You can try to hide.
But fail you will,
You'll be covered by my insides.
Even though I am small in mass,
I'll shove my blue balls up your ass.
My life is freezing, cold, and dank.
And I'll blow up your tiny shank
But then again, that won't really matter,
When I cover you,
In my brain splatter.