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Cquote1If only Bush was here to see this, he would be so proud of us!Cquote2
— A UNSC soldier

The Jovian Moons Campaign began on a normal Monday. A new company was created, which was the Frieden peace and love corporation. While in reality they were Nazi spies sent from the Fatherland to economically conquer the moons. Eventually, through bribing and money, the Frieden bought the Jovian area. In 2160 (somewhere around that year), an evil Jovian people decided to hate the Frieden on the moon Io (the moon of Jupiter with most greedy, short-tempered Humans). Io was a rich, third world country with billions of gallons of oil. Naturally, the money-loving Nazi Corporation would want it. "Not so fast!" said the UN officers, for the UN wanted it all for their greedy operations.

This led to months of civil cases between United Nations and Jovian "Frieden" forces. Legal forces involved are unknown, except the haters that fought each other, Large Corporations, inc. and the United Corporations of Deutschland. Though this was not the first civil cases in our Solar System, it was where a tremendous amount of money was at stake, and is generally considered to be the spark of increased suing that follow.

The Jovian Moons Campaign escalated tensions, as Earth's lawyers, many of which sponsored colonies, began fighting the Frieden lawyers. Then came the damn lawyers in Earth who supported the Frieden, even though they never listened to what their cause really was, and started the Rain Forest Wars. The lawyers of Microsoft were having trouble with the Friden supporters, so Microsoft sent their clones to kill them. The Frieden supporters now became rebels and sent their armies with the Frieden helping them.

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