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Cquote1Meow meow.Cquote2
— Jonesy saying a 3-hour speech against Kitten Huffing
Cquote1Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow!Cquote2
— Jonesy saying "hi"
Cquote1Meow meow meow!Cquote2
Sergeant Johnson saying "go go go" backwards
Cquote1IMMA SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE... I mean meow.Cquote2
— Jonesy talking to some light bulb before taking the Chief's kill

Jonesy aiming for his target.

Jonesy is a cat who was born in the wrong time and who was conscripted to UNSC servitude for his life.

Life Edit

Early Life Edit

Jonsey was born and raised in Georgia, USA as a Gray Tabby. Yes, I know what the billboard says on the Pillar of Autumn, but Jenkins, Jonesy's owner, was really and I mean REALLY brain-dead, can you believe that he thought that a few balloons were too many for him to handle? ONLY TWO WERE COMING AT HIM! Back to Jonesy.

UNSC Service Edit

Jonsey's only gun was a one of those Powerful Flagpoles With A Scope And A Clip as seen in the picture at top of the page. He was really good but couldn't communicate with anyone because all he said was:

— Jonesy.

Escape from Halo Edit

Technically, he got away in the Chief's Longsword. That pretty much sums it up. That's also where the Chief tried to hug him and see him without a helmet, but couldn't take his helmet off or the Halo fans would go do some huge search for a person who looks almost like him.

Life After Service Edit


Jonesy rebuilt!

He melted in lava during Halo 3. Some scientists found his body and rebuilt him and now he can really communicate with people. Later, he simply has been handed over to Jack Varslin who originally raised him.

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