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Cquote1Unoriginal Name is UnoriginalCquote2
— Anonymous UNSC Marine


The Monkey Knife is a tool used by Fat Hairy Things to Assassinate Noob's with in Matchmaking games.

Lepidus using his Knife to torture the Colonel.

And also to torture D00ds and D00d3ts with. One example of this is when a Hairy Thing used it to torture and behead James Ackerson during the Battle of Cleveland Brown . Even though it is claimed to be a combat knife, it is in all reality a butter knife that brutes stole, saying that they made this awesome invention but in reality they STOLE OUR KNIVES THAT WE BUTTER STUFFS WITH (stuffs can mean anything)
Knifes in yo head

Colonel James Ackerson's head, FILLED with Monkey Knifes...

ecause the Monkey Knife is not that important in the Halo Universe, so yeah...
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