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Cquote1What, you know how much of a baller I am? Bringin that trash in here.Cquote2
— Jiles to the Admiral
Cquote1Jeeeez! Ugh that hurt like hell. Dammit.Cquote2
— Jiles after smashing a wine glass on his dumb head

Governor Jiles is an asshole Confederate rebel leader from some planet. He became the supreme rebel leader of the URF (United Rebel Front), though some call it the URL (United Retard League) later on back in the day. He has been deemed a douchebag who shows no respect to people who are better than him. He actually had the balls to make the Chief and his crew aboard their ship Ghetto-burg believe he had nukes when he didn't. Thinking he could pull a fast


Jacob Jiles. Yes, this a real picture of him.

one on the Master Thief, he tried to ambush them using glass from a busted wine glass that he got sauced off of but pissed his pants when a Covenant ship appeared to decorate the asteroid Jiles was hiding on. Not wanting his asteroid to become a disgrace, he made a deal with the Chief's team: he'll rebuild the Ghetto-burg only if that Covie Whale was destroyed. Ghetto-burg succeeded somehow and Jiles brought his crap fleet in to repair the Frigate. MC's team left Jiles to die later on when more Whales appeared. Ghetto-burg jumped it. The Covies fried Jiles's shit fleet and decorated the asteroid, killing Jiles and all his buddies. Although many think he comitted suicide or just ran off like a little child. Either way he died somehow. Good ridens.

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