Fuck you sir. Fuck you.

Cquote1Man, we've been standing in this tower all day long, and nothing has happened!!!!!!Cquote2
— A really bored Jackal Sniper

Soulja Boy the Jackal was a Sniper in the Covenant Arm'ee

Sniper Jackals are the biggest fucking assholes that you will ever meet. The jackal stands 3849739348 miles away from you almost invisible hiding behind a bunch of stuff while scratching their ass, and they can still land a perfect headshot first try.

Jackal snipers use Beam Rifles. Beam rifles are really weak when Master Chief uses them, but they are more powerful than Spartan Lasers when the jackals use them. The Jackal Snipers have trained for 600 years on how to use the beam rifle, just to piss you off when you're playing legendary.

But if they're using Carbines or Needle Rifles then they're just dumb.

Known Jackal Snipers Edit

  • Ass Scratcher
  • Soulja Boy
  • Your Mom
  • Anoobis

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