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AV Johnson
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Cquote1*Incomprehensible talking*Cquote2
— A Jackal Minor about his rank

Jackal Minor is the lowest rank for a Jackass in the Covenant. All the Jackal Minors are basically cannon fodder with shields. They can be compared to a UNSC Fucking New Guy or dirt... with shields. These Jackals are so low, Grunt Minors are like gods to them.

Jackal Minors have the honor to be lead by either a Grunt Major, a Gunner Grunt, a Spec Ops Grunt, or even a Grunt Ultra. But their Grunt commanders, thinking of what Jackal Stew would taste, usually eat them than send them to their inevitable deaths. Like Grunts, they like to use Plasma Pistols due to its pretty light and occasionally try to eat the gun, resulting in only being able to communicate through hisses and being freaking ugly.

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