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This is the king of jackholes and jack asses and the shittiest being in the Galaxy, he was picked on by Anoobis and Seargant Avery Johnsan, and came to birth after a sperm cell and a egg cell accidentally met in a washing machine, now the washer (Satan) suprised to see a jackhole fetus growing in his laundry hamper, ate the jackhole for thanks giving, crapped him out, and the Horrified jackal then later joined the covenant, and picked on grunts, he then got promoted (by himself) to Jackal king, now Anoobis (lord of n00bs) did not like this very much and they had a totally epic battle. now the Jackhole king later lived on in his sad shitty life style in his moms basement watching 2 girls 1 cup for eternity.

Battle TacticsEdit

the jackarse king has a fucking annoying laser thingy and a big penis. so he uses it gun to blow the thinky thing out and his cock to t-bag them. he was the dude who killed the sextoy in the level with the roflcopters and whatnot. he was almost killed by noble sex but the shitload of drinols he had as backup raped noble six and threw it off.


  • hes an alien
  • hes also an extraterrestrial

Jackal King.aspx


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