Cquote1OK, I know this looks bad and all but let- *gunshot* AWW goddammit! Shit that hur- *gunshot* For the love of God just let me- *gunshot*Cquote2
— Isna's death at the hands of Cap'n Keyes
For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Imso 'Noesee.

Isna 'Nosolee was an fail 1337 who's most remarkable action during the Human-Covenant War was when he survived two rounds from the Jesus gun before the third blew his head into an alternative universe.


Isna grew up on Sanghelios where he was declared an outcast and a nerd for being obsessed with a

MC bullying Isna for his name.

game called Monkey Nuts. His ability to hide in plain site caused him to avoid the bullies in the Nipple Academy where he graduated with the grade F (as in fail) in everything. Devoid of any other action, he joined the Covenant army.

Military ServiceEdit

Because of his failness and indifference to the real world he led his superior to the lunatic fringe and he was demoted from Minor Domo to Honorary Grunt and sent on suicide missions. To his superiors's dissapointment he did not die in all the skirmishes he was sent on so they decided to glue a couple of cameras on his head and have him sneak aboard the Pillar of Autumn and find Jacob Keyes, whom he in his retarded mind called "keez".


So after boarding The Pillar of Winter, The Pillar of Spring and The Pillar of Summer he finally found the right one. He snuck into the bridge, grabbed a chair and some Doritos and waited until he was able to acces the ships databanks and retrieve all information about where the hell the little green and blue ball was located. The only armament he had with him was a peashooter and six Plasma grenades that he had crammed up his ass in order to avoid airport security (good thing that the TSA was nuked in the 22th century).

Escape from The Pillar of AutumnEdit

After the Covenant decided that "those human sons of bitches are going down", Isna knew that they would screw him over and destroy the ship while he was still aboard it. He followed the bridge crew to their escape pod and tagged along. Due to the cramped space in the pod, he accidently touched an Female Crew Officers butt, causing her to turn around and slap Keyes because she couldn't see Isna.


After arriving at Installation 04, Isna followed the humans until his cellphone betrayed his position (dumbass didn't turn it off). Keyes turned around with his weapon drawn Clint Eastwood-style and shot Isna three times. Isna was briely ascended to godhood after surviving the first two shots from Gods sidearm until the third blew his head up.



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