Cquote1In Soviet Russia, barriers invisible to YOU!Cquote2
— A noob who clearly doesn't understand the point in invisible barriers.
Cquote1Wh-why can't I explore the open sea!!Cquote2
— Noob on High Ground
Cquote1I can hide from these noobs in the deep water! Wait! What is this? There is nothing there but... but I can't move any furtherCquote2
— Noob on Last Resort
Cquote1WARNING: Taking cart Spartan beyond boundries of this parking lot map will activate an automatic braking sequence.Cquote2
— Sign on Spartan boots
Cquote1I made it!Cquote2
— Someone that managed to go behind the barriers shortly before a Trip Mine explodes in his face
— Maddislimane failing to go beyond a invisible wall

Invisible Barriers are barriers that are invisible. Bungie put them there to prevent noobs from hiding outside the map.


Invisible barriers are found everywhere in Halo. They are there to stop players from escaping levels during matchmaking. Bungie loves there players so much that they even put them in the water to avoid the drowning of suicidal Spartans/Elites. Remember, these barriers are are for your protection. Behind almost every barrier, is a death zone. You must NOT try to tamper with the barriers. The Guardians will see to it that you die. DON'T try to out smart them. Bungie only wishes to protect you, so obey their authority.
Elastic Shit

This Elite reached an invisible barrier, he only wanted help :C

More InformationEdit

Using 2552 Gruntiness technology, invisible fence-posts have been set up to block all live movement past them. IB posts have no threat level, but Death Barriers have a power level over 9000!!!! that can kill 10 Scarabs. Bungie constantly monitors these barriers and if any find ways to pass them, they perpetrator will be assassinated by a ninja hired by Bungie. If you value your life, respect the barriers and turn around when you contact an IB. Remember, WE they are watching.

Beyond the barriers Edit

No one knows what is beyond the IBs but the Grunts have a legend of a female who somehow got past an IB but never returned. They think she died but her newborn baby survived. The Master Chief was that baby!!!

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