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The Interplanetary War is a large war between the Allies, Communists, and Fascists. The war is sometimes known as World War 3, but there is no zombies the people predicted there will be; only Nazis, United Nations, and hippies.

The war started out when the Earth was getting overpopulated and every place was carpet of humans, feces, and piss. Even the oceans were blanketed with bubble bases that had humans. People were being uneasy and they were thinking of electing Democrats instead of Republicans the next year. Anyway, this lead to new political movements, including the Koslovics, who introduced Communism and the long-forgotten suicide knife, and the Joyous Frieden, who introduced Nazism-Fascism and the human slaughterhouse.

The Jovian Frieden attacked the UN Colonial advisers on Io. The UN were mad at this, but what could they do? Oh yea, war. The UN sent Marines to attack Mars. They were successful and evil propaganda made them stronger.

Factions Edit

Timeline Edit

This is a timeline about the Interplanetary War. *Add joke here* See? I'm a nice person--but read the damn timeline.


  • Joyous Moo Campaign - The Frieden rebels attack UN Colonial Advisors on Jupiter's bad moon, Io. This leads to several months of severe financial problems and de-population between UN forces and Frieden rebels on Jupiter's moons. This battle led to wars on other planets and across everywhere in the solar system. It led to the Rain Forest Wars.


  • Rain Forest Wars - A heavy armed conflict between the UN, Koslovics, and Frieden. It's like a second Vietnam war except the Vietnamese. It took place in South America. Very bloody.



  • Propaganda. Recruiting. Frieden and Koslovics are defeated and there's a huge military force now known as the UNSC.


  • Unified Earth Government was created. After the war, famine and overpopulation occurred. And the economy was bad because of the George W. Bush Rain Forest Wars.

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