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The Insurrection is a Communist movement to overthrow the UNSC and everything good and righteous in the galaxy. Devoted to pure evil as well as the principles of Karl Marx, Insurrectionists will do anything, kill anyone, and bomb anyplace to achieve their nefarious goals of wiping out good and righteousness from the galaxy.

With their propaganda spinsters and allies inside of the C.M.A. the Insurrectionists have told many a lie about the UNSC. They've accused the holy organization that God blessed us with of such horrible things as, gasp, being tyrants and using brute force to keep any colony that disagrees with their Orwellian methods in line. In response, the UNSC has unfortunately had to respond with brute force and tyrannical methods against any colony that steps out of line.

Even with the majority of the civilian population, sadly there is a small minority that actually have been tricked into believing that the Insurrectionists are not the spawn of Satan himself, supporting the UNSC the evil witchcraft using Innies still launch cruel attack against our brave soldiers everyday. So remember, if you see someone you suspect may be an Innie, do the right thing and report them to the Committee of un-UNSC activities today! The life you save, may be your own.

The Beginning of the Insurrection Edit

The Insurrectionists, having recently escaped from hell itself, emerged onto the planet of Far Isle. In a matter of days the Innies had completely taken over the poor colony, killing thousands of children and tying up all other survivors to a series of nuclear bombs located in Far Isle's capital cities. The UNSC, having recieved a distress single from a man who was later eaten by Insurrectionists, bravely organized a fleet to rescue the colony. When they arrived, the Insurrectionists detonated the nuclear bombs, killng themselves and all civilians on the colony as well as turning Far Isle's surface into an irradiated wasteland.

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