White awesome elite

Ima 'Presidentee the Elite...

Ima 'Presidentee is the ruler of Sanghelios and was for 4 years (including his re-animation), his name is contradictory, but he was given it as his parents raised him to become president of the Sanghelian country "United States of Wort", but Obama IX became such.

Obama IXEdit

It was the year 2552. Ima 'Presidentee was one of the two canidates for election, an election so people can choose who will take over the world! Running for ruler were Ima and Obama IX. Ima knew what to do. He sent a huge 300 warrior mob to Obama and they fought. It was a hard fight to win, but Ima won! He then became overlord for 2552. His first action, meet Chuck Norris VIII. He called him and invited him for dinner at the White House III (I and II were destroyed in war). He said his roundhouse kicks sucked. Chuck Norris brought out an Energy Sword and killed Ima.


Ima 'Presidentee introduced a few laws and tweaks onto the entire planet, they are:

  • One litre of petrol is $5000
  • Female pornstars must have their assholes stretched out using Basket Balls
  • If Snooki is seen, one must kill her, if they do not attempt to, they are executed
  • Maddi'sliman is banned from entering most states
  • Otha' Letham is banned from the entire planet for the safety of the population
  • Ima met an energy crisis in automobiles, so he got a bunch of engineers and The Fat Kid to invent the fart powered car, the energy crisis was solved.
  • Nukes cost 50c


After his death, Sanghelios was left without a ruler, so a bunch of 12 year olds working at EA got Ima's corpse and did the worst fucking job ever to re-animate his brain.

Fake Ima was outright evil, he had little memories of his past self, and instantly killed the 12 year olds, chopped off his dick and glued solid battery acid on his crotch.

Ima became ruler once again, but met with another energy crisis, what was his plan?

Simple, NUKE HALF THE POPULATION, so everyone else prospers, but the Arbiter returned to Sanghelios and used a highly volatile gravity hammer as a dildo on Ima, the ruler of the world was killed due to an orgasm his body was incapable of handling, and this whole "king of the world" shit was abandoned.

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