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The I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull (short for "I Would Have Been Your Daddy, But The Ugly Dog Beat Me To The Fence And Now I Am Somehow Stuck Capitalizing The First Letter of Every Word I Say Like A Bitch With Menthols" Skull) is a skull that Master Chief gets after jumping through many Hula Hoops. All that could have been skipped as a Grunt just appears out of nowhere a few seconds after the Arbiter stabs Truth, carrying a skull, no matter how many times you jump over a holographic halo. The conversation with the Grunt can be seen below:

  • Grunt: Ahahaha! He think he need to jumps through those rings but I'm the one who has it!"
  • Chief, exhausted from jumping so much: "Hey."
  • Grunt: "Ha! I had the skull the whole time! You didn't have to go through that crap."
  • Chief: "So?" (picks up skull and proceeds to leave)
  • Grunt: "No!" (starts jumping in front of Chief, annoying) "Be sad! You didn't have to pay me! You could've just killed me and taken it!"

<The stinky Chief rips off his backpack.>

  • Chief: "Say the Flipyap thing and THEN I'll cry."
  • Grunt, beginning to suffocate: "But I'm Yapflip, his brother! Why would I..." (takes breath) "You...killed Flip...yap. Or... Yapflip..." (dies)
  • Other grunt: "This time it was Yapflip."

<Arbiter takes the skull and bashes the grunt with it.>

Grunt Edit

Here's a list of what a Grunt would say when the IWHBYD Skull is on:

  • You killed Fapyap! - When you kill a Grunt.
  • Feel my blue balls! - When a Grunt throws a Plasma Grenade.
  • Someone lost their virginity. - When a Grunt sees a corpse on top another corpse.
  • It's Kwarsh!!! - When a Grunt sees a Grunt Ultra.
  • I grunted on you!-when a Grunt, well, grunts on you

Brute Edit

  • If you're here to touch a Grunt, go to the back of the line. - When you are spotted.
  • Give it to me! - When you get close to a Brute.

Jackal Edit

Jackals say these when IWHBYD Skull is on, but in a hiss-like sentence:

  • Asshole! - When you shot a Jackal.
  • Die!!1!

Elite Edit

  • Wort Wort W -- just go.
  • WORT WORT WOORRRRTTT!!!!!!!! WO-- What did I tell you go away Elite !!
  • WWWOOOORRRRTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Your mother- I mean WORRRRT!

The director gets shot

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