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An evil counterpart to the Gruntiness created by Thee Pi Lourrd, Hunterishness is of an unknown composition. It is assumed to be a suppository, as that is the most evil thing it could be, and Pie Lord liked him some evil. It amplifies the strength of the Hunter taking it by five million arbi-units, the unit of measure for strength in alien science. It was used to great effect by Pie Lord during The Big Battle, where he killed millions upon millions of Grunts. The secrets of its making died with Thee Pi Lourrd, and it is to be hoped that no one will ever get any ideas and start trying to recreate it. Kwarsh doesn't like that kind of thing.

Short-lived Prototype Edit

The serum containing the prototype was used to kill hundreds to test its strength. It is unknown what this thing was made out of. Thee Pi Lourrd later went to upgrade it because it wasnt strong enough cuz he was to god damn obsessed with evil things.

Amplification using unknown technology. Edit

The Hunterishness prototype was upgraded with some unknown technology. NOBODY KNOWS WHAT IT IS FROM, not even our top scientists. This version was used halfway through The Big Battle. Until Thee Pi Lourrd injected himself with it, which caused millions of Grunts to die in the ensuing explosion. He wiped out most of the entire army by simply causing a shockwave. There were two billion left, but Thee Pi Lourrd used a super blast which wiped out a bunch of grunts until only 10 were left. This proves that this unknown amplification was fuckin powerful.

NOBODY HAS HUNTERISHNESS.. but history has a tendency of repeating itself....

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