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Menace Potato, on the Honor Guard Wraith

Not very honorable.

The Honor Guard Wraith is a simple Wraith but with some cosmetic differences. This is only available in Halo Wars Limited Edition. It has paint on it that makes it look like some crappy flame. It is also driven by Honor Guard Elites, but the honor guard seems to be as dumb as a Minor Elite as the Wraiths they drive isn't different than the original when it comes to gameplay.

There are rumors that say that some of your money, when you buy Halo Wars: Limited Edition, goes to Engineers who are said to make the Wraiths. Though, it's more likely that your money is going to go to a fat executive's wallet than a Engineer's sacs of air. But in these cases Engineers can mod the Wraith to carry a shield so it can fight a Hornet for once. Only the color is returned to a gay purple pink.

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