For those born without a sense of humour, Halopedia has an article on Hocus.

Hocus is a Marine pilot who is the Halo 3 replacment for Foehammer. Also Whenever some one tries to see what she looks like her face always changes.


Hocus was born at the exact momemt Foehammer died, born to a Noob and Grunt who was high on bad gruntiness at the time. Hocus would spend the whole time in Halo 2 in an acient temple trying to master the art of shape shifting.

Hocus would finally apear in Halo 3 when Master Chief and Mr.T needed a new expendable pilot groupie who could pilot. On the ride back she would keep on scarying the crap out of Pete Stacker by turning into a Brute.

Hocus would give give up with her shape shifting bit and just wear a regular helmet and fly her Pelican to many other suicide places. Hocus would also fly MC with the Arbiter and Sergeant Johnson onto the ark of the covenant hoola hoop noob zero. Hocus would also "serve" the three of them on the way.

Hocus also while droping off some crappy marines, her pelican got hijacked by a horny brute. Who scared the crap out of her while Stacker laughed at the irony.

At the end of the war Hocus would try to use her powers to rule the galaxy, she would fail countlessly on the fact she forgot she gave up her powers, nice job zartan nice job.

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