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— A n00b who is surprisingly good at 1337, yet still remains a n00b.

Hijack: verb; to steal when one is using the object as in: I hijacked the car when the pimp was 'busy', check out the great purple velvet hat.


GET OUT OF THE F###### CAR YOU HEAR ME!!!! get out of the car and give me money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Drone Hijack

I TOLD YOU DRONES CAN HIJACK! (Sorry for the shitty picture quality)

Only Spartans, Elites, AIDS, Brutes and Drones can Hijack vehicles. This is because all the Spartans, Elites, AIDS, Brutes and Drones grew up in the ghetto. All the Marines, Grunts, Jackals, Skirmishers, Hunters, Sentinels and everything else came from a rich neighborhood, and that's why they grew up to be pussies. Every vehicle is hijacked differinetly. When stealing a ghost, you drop kick dat mofo. When stealing a Warthog, you punch that fool in the face and pull his ass out of the car. If you steal a tank, you usaully just blow it up for the firework display.

Boring Version: Kick someone's ass out of their car and run that car over their arse.

Halo 2Edit

In Halo 2 when you were hijacked you could do nothing about it so you just sat there in a depression and got run over by the n00b's newly stolen Ghost.

Halo 3Edit

In Halo 3 the stolen whatever would slow down so you could Hijack it right back and be able to splatter the un-skilled n00b. People in Lone Wolves have been seen doing this to get 5 special Gamerpoints.

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